Female View of the World

Article by Winterstiftung Kunst Kultur Soziales Hamburg, 03.10.2022. The artists Jana Dettmer, Monika von Eschenbach, Anne Ruffert and Corinna Zielke worked together as a group for the show: "The female view of the world". The exhibition takes place in the space of KunstStücke art projects, Cologne -  October 20th, 2022 to November 10th, 2022.

[Translate to English:] Ausstellung 'Die weibliche Sicht auf die Welt'

Art by women in dialogue

As career changers and autodidacts, the artists are united by a strong will to art. The different biographies of the artists are a guarantee for a varied artistic discourse. The way they engage is communicative; they openly invite viewers to respond. In dealing with her work, there is both, the possibility of aesthetic pleasure and the chance to better perceive oneself and the environment.

The exhibition concept expressly includes the participation of the viewers. From the old myth of the powerful artistic personality grows a partnership with the audience, in which art can be encountered on an equal footing in the truest sense. The four artists, each in their own way, show different possibilities of looking at the inner and outer world and thus perceiving it a bit more closely: differences in representation should not exclude, but make diversity visible and enable it.

The exhibition was created in cooperation with Artforum Culture Foundation (Thessaloniki), Winter Foundation Hamburg and the project 'Versöhnung der Werte' ('Reconciliation of Values'), Cologne.