"With my art I want to encourage people to go beyond their limits and take new paths."



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Modern, abstract, expressionist art from Cologne

I paint abstract, vividly colored paintings in acrylic and oil. My installations are colour-intensive and colour-reduced. My painting technique is powerful and charged with energy. I apply paint, scrape it off again, recompose the picture, and then apply more paint. This method results in abstract acrylic and oil paintings made up of several layers of paint that display an intensely tactile structure. I often experiment with a reflective finish that further intensifies the depth of the colors and makes them glow. My installations of squares of all sizes create an illusionary space for the viewers.

Be inspired! Visit me in my art space in the heart of Cologne’s Südstadt district, at Merowinger Straße 30, 50677 Cologne, Thu to Sat, 2–6 pm or by appointment. To make an appointment, write me an email at  contact@janadettmer.com or call me on +49 221 977 12 600.