It is always the viewer who recognizes and evaluates art. But artists open new perspectives through their art. It is the images and forms that help us to reflect our own personality and thus enable a constructive debate.

In the last years, various events and exhibitions have been made possible with the following artists, among others: 

Christina Maria AltounisBruni BükerAnne Dahm-PuchallaIrmgard Esch, Monika von Eschenbach, Michael Jansen, Fé KolbAngelika KoenigsAngela LindenlaufDoris Maile, Franzi Mirzababai, Manuela Pasch, Brigitte Rüntz, Havva Sari, Gisbert Schichl, Georg SchmidtJo TehAdi Topo, RanRan Utz Werken, Heinz Zolper.

The visual artists were complemented and supported by congenial musical productions with Jumana Hamandouche, Marion Mick, Mario Nyeky, Wallace Clajus, Tierra Negra; exciting readings with Isabella ArchanChristina Bacher and Leon Sachs; or, for example, cheerful jewelry design by Rosa Templin.

In the future, KunstStücke by Dettmer - art projects will continue this presentation and discussion of art and artists in cooperation with foundations and editions. For the year 2021, various exhibitions with works of the following artists are planned: Heinz Zolper, Michael Jansen, Graham FosterAndreas Bruchhäuser, Joe Brockerhoff, Heinz-Günter Mebusch and Monika von Eschenbach


Winter Foundation I Winter Stiftung

The Winter Foundation is a private foundation in Hamburg to support art, culture and social goals. It has built up its own art collection in order to bring together first-class international art and art by emerging artists. The main focus is on collecting art of the 20th and 21st centuries, which is oriented solely towards quality. The foundation is internationally oriented - without borders.

Art Forum Culture Foundation 

Founded in 1996, Artforum Culture Foundation (ACF) is a European non-profit private foundation (NPO) with headquarters in Thessaloniki, Greece, and international offices. Its main tasks are the promotion of art and culture through cooperation with other NPOs, independent projects and artists. The Artforum Culture Foundation aims to maintain cultural dialogue and artistic exchange across all borders in the belief that this serves mutual understanding and tolerance between nations.


ArtExpert is an international network of art experts founded in Greece in 1981. With offices all over the world, ArtExpert acts as an independent network of art historians, archaeologists, art scholars and market experts, working in all fields at the cutting edge of research.