International Women's Day

Article by WinterStiftung Kunst Kultur Soziales Hamburg. March 8 - International Women's Day - could actually be a day of joy, a day on which we can express our happiness that we would not exist without women, a day on which women should once again be given special appreciation. On this day, flowers are traditionally given to women in Russia, for example. Instead, today's commemoration draws even more attention to the fact that inequality and injustice persist. But it is also a day when it should become clear that only social balance and respect can make a decent life possible.

Women's rights are freedom rights
Social balance and respect for a decent life

Advocating for women's rights is advocating for liberties

Human rights and human dignity are not personal affinities. Their disregard is barbaric. For people of our time, with unprecedented opportunities for information, there should be no excuses. Gender-specific behavior in different forms of the feminine and masculine appears natural to people because it is deeply unconscious.

It's about respect and human dignity

Women's rights? They are the rights of men - they are the rights of children - they are the rights of all men - they are the rights of nature. Human rights are indivisible, i.e. everyone has the right to hold the same rights - regardless of skin color, origin, social status, gender or other characteristics. But rights remain wasteland, even if they are cast in new laws, if empathy is not paired with intelligence, if rights are difficult to enforce and all too often left to the whim of bureaucrats and the personal discretion of judges. Which woman has the privileges of women from the political or economical high class ? But also these kind of priveleged women can become obviously victims  as second-class humans for some sort of men.

Peter Merten/ S-Ae

*  German artist Heinz Zolper has designed an jewelery pin (enamel on iron, handmade, signed), which not only looks pretty good, but which also is created as a common symbol for women rights, against intolerance and for human dignity. Especially in the time of the desaster of the russian war, it is also an important sign to call for peace and stay in contact. The multiple can be ordered online at Winter Foundation Hamburg. The proceeds are used for socio-cultural purposes.