18.03.2021 | Manuela Pasch

Open virtual exhibition>>

KunstStücke art projects shows new digital art - opening on Februrary, 25! I would like to draw your attention to the works of the Düsseldorf artist Manuela Pasch. Oil paintings of landscapes that awaken longings, that's what we need, especially in these times. Even if virtual art cannot replace the original, the exchange with other viewers or the artist himself and the atmosphere of a vernissage, it allows us an access to art in times of Corona and the artist the possibility to show his art. The link to the exhibition will be published on 25.02.2021 on my website, I look forward to many visitors!

Manuela Pasch, born and raised in the rural Lower Rhine region, lives and works in Düsseldorf since the 80s. 

"A very special art teacher has awakened and encouraged my interest for art and especially for painting, so that it was clear to me very early that I wanted to study art.

I paint exclusively in oil on canvas. The subjects for my paintings often seem to be simple and unspectacular, they always have something to do with myself, my life, my profound love of nature and animals or with courageous people who are truly enthused by a vision.

My art is characterized by the aim to achieve the very special expression of a motif: for example, the proud look of an eagle or the feeling of longing when looking at my sea pictures and landscapes.

My paintings are created using classic "analog" materials such as oil and canvas, a powerful brush stroke, as well as a very pasty painting style - wet on wet without using any painting mediums."

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