Our artists

On the occasion of various events, exhibitions have been made possible in recent years with the following artists:

Christina Maria Altounis, Andreas Bruchhäuser, Bruni Büker, Anne Dahm-Puchalla, Irmgard Esch, Monika von Eschenbach, Graham Foster, Michael Jansen, Fé Kolb, Angelika Koenigs, Angela Lindenlauf, Doris Maile, Franzi Mirzababai, Manuela Pasch, Brigitte Rüntz, Havva Sari, Gisbert Schichl, Georg Schmidt, Jo Teh, Adi Topo, RanRan Utz Werken, Heinz Zolper.

The visual artists were complemented and supported by congenial musical productions with Jumana Hamandouche, Marion Mick, Mario Nyeky, Wallace Clajus, Tierra Negra; exciting readings with Isabella Archan, Christina Bacher and Leon Sachs; or, for example, cheerful jewelry design by Rosa Templin.

KunstStücke by Dettmer - art projects will continue this presentation and engagement with art and artists in the future, also in cooperation with foundations and editions. For 2022, exhibitions with works by Dieter Laue, Paul Robert Reif, Joe Brockerhoff and Heinz-Günter Mebusch are planned.